Everhealthy Dynamic Slim Juice – 500ml


DYNAMIC SLIM JUICE an excellent ayurvedic herbal product for weight lost. Prepared with Medohar Guggulu as a wonderful natural product for obese people who have abnormal weight, burning fat and improving digestion. It helps to make a slim and beautiful body and controls appetite without side effects

Overweight surging abdomen, lumbersome waist, massive hips, uncontrollable obesity. Dynamic slim is an effective remedy, and when used with lukewarm water will dilute the fats from inside the intestines,making the body slim and active

The addition of punarnava is designed to rejuvenate the whole body, clear stomach issues and liver disorders. The bioactive compound present in the extract of punarnava helps to prevent weight gain and helps to reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood and helps in flushing out toxins from the body without the loss of essential nutrients and minerals. Increases renal blood flow and brings back vigor and vitality.

With the complimentary combination of 10 extra ayurvedic formula to control excess appetite, boost metabolism, reduce consumption, treat intestinal trouble, dysentery, itching, disease of the liver and infections, everhealthy dynamic slim is a reliable partner.


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Methi dana boost testosterone and increase milk production in breastfeeding mothers?

With everhealthy dynamic slim, the people who desires to control their weight and enjoy a healthy life can now have a renewed hope with DYNAMIC SLIM JUICE!

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