Herbal Supplements – Do They Work? this is one question often asked by many including health workers. The answer is rather very simple as it is a YES! YES!! and YES!!!

Herbal Supplements and Therapies Do WORK! The above claim would sound absurd to many Orthodox health professionals for a very clear and obvious reason which is open for validation being that the regular and frequent visits to their clinics and hospitals and over-dependence on their prescriptions would be adversely affected hence they wouldn’t agree to the fact that Herbal Supplements do work after-all.

Coming from history before the invention of the orthodox medications, we have always had herbs come to our rescue for varying health challenges in different forms too. What then are herbal supplements you may be wondering? Herbal supplements/therapies are plant based products gotten from either the stem, leaves, body of the plant, processed using scientific and technological methodology to be able to convey it to the global community Do this then imply that Orthodox medications are not useful? Of course not. They are very useful but the key challenge is on the side effects they leave on people which herbal supplements/therapies do hardly give except when taking outside the recommended dosage.

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