Purity Replenish Cleanser Capsules


Purity Replenish Cleanser is a wholesome detoxifying product that cleanses thoroughly healing ucler and other health challenges.

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Purity Replenish Cleanser is a wholesome product guaranteed to give you results.

Using this great product will keep healthy, clean and full of energy. It promises to remove every toxin from your system/
Benefits includes:-
* Detoxifies & cleanses the colon
* Softens hard stool and prevents pile appendicitis
* Heals Peptic/duodenal
* It flattens the tummy
* Strengthens the heart & blood vessels
* Prevents Oedema & Numbness
* Controls sugar level.
* Purifies the blood
* Normalizes the function of the heart, liver and kidneys
* Regulates menstrual flow, and improves fertility in women.
* Enhances sexual performance in men
* Evacuates phlegm from the chest, lungs, bowel and waist
* Expels worms and cures all stomach troubles including ulcers
* Clears headaches, migraine, neck pain, back and waist pains, rheumatism, gout and arthritis.
* Relives uneasiness and fatigue
* Gets rid of hardened mucus in the body eg cyst, tumors ( fibroids)
* Treats virginal discharge and itching.
*Clears deposits of cholesterol in the walls of the body etc

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