Neutri F – Complete Immunity Builder


Everhealthy Neutri F capsules a complete immunity builder is specifically designed to build your body resistance against infections and diseases and also eliminate toxins. Promotes healthy heart, anti aging, relieves fever, cures respiratory disorder, cysto-protective and anti cancer agent.



Neutri-F Capsules is an excellent anti periodic, antispasmodic, anti microbial, anti osteoporotic, anti inflammatory, anti arthritic, anti allergic, anti diabetic , hepatitis, ghonorrhea, syphilis, biliary disorder, anorexia, cough, diabetic wound, hepatic disorder, rheumatism and sinusitis are all combined into Neutri-F Capsules.

In the presence of piper longum for treating bronchitis, asthma, constipation, paralysis of the tongue, cholera, viral hepatitis, respiratory infections and stomach ache. Everhealthy Neutri-F Capsules improves digestive health, clears acne , relieves pain and fissures.
Neutri-F Capsules has multiple medicinal applications that gives a holistic approach to numerous health challenges especially those related to infections, liver disorders, respiratory track infections, anti allergic, sexual debility, paralysis, hepatobiliary disorder, anti spasmodic tonic , anti epileptic, oxidative stress and Anti Cancer Agent
Everhealthy Neutri-F Capsules is an emmenagogue, a cardio tonic, Anti Cancer Agent and fight against ophthalmic infection
As you take a dose of Everhealthy Neutri-F, experience the protective defence of our Ayurvedic blessings that spans 3 millennium.