Kura RESTOR – Immunity Booster (1000ml)


The use of KURA herbal drinks improves your overall health and immune system. KURA RESTO HERBAL is a great anti-oxidant good for the control and reduction of high sugar level in the system which can be used by male and female adults. It helps in cardiovascular health, treats infections, waist pain etc. It is also a remedy for hormonal imbalance in women.



Benefits of this herbal drink:

 A powerful antioxidant and helps to maintain good sugar level.

 Enhances cardiovascular health.

 Remedy for STI.

 Treat infection and waist pain.

 Boost infertility in male and female.

 Boost sexual ecstasy and aids sperm production.

 Improve low immune and rejuvenates.

 Remedy for hormonal imbalance.

 An anti inflammatory.

 Boosts fertility.


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