Faforon Multi-cure Liquid Stem Cell-540ML


Faforon Liquid Stem Cell is a 100% organic product that detoxifies the whole body for optimal health and performance.


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Faforon Herbal is a 100% organic product that detoxifies the entire body for optimal performance.

Its health benefits include:-

* Rejuvenates & reduces crises on sickle cell patients.
* Rejuvenates & prolongs lives of HIV/AIDS patients.
* Combats free radicals, controls aging, & promote skin freshness.
* Faforon aids normal development of foetus.
* Promotes Male & Female Fertility in combination of Spidex 20 and Spidex 21 respectively.
* Eliminates toxic wastes, increases staying power & serves as a natural anti-oxidant.
* Prevents pregnancy crises, keeps mother & baby healthy.
* Promotes free flow of blood and reduces cholesterol.
* Anti-turmour
* A perfect recommendation for chronic insomnia.
* Promotes healthy menstrual flow.
* Excellent for children health

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